“When my son began working with Shalini at Symbiosis, I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge she brought to each therapy session. However, I believe that her finest gift as an OT is her ability to translate all her skills and experience to create a warm, playful and enjoyable environment for every session.”

-Mrs. VR, mother of a 5 year old boy diagnosed with PDD-NOS

“Sumanta has been very helpful to our 7 years old son. We are seeing significant improvements in him since our child came to him for therapy sessions a few months ago. When we first came to see him, he gave us a very detailed account of our son\’s challenges and what needs to be done to help him. Since then, our child is now slowly learning to climb and jump, overcoming many physical obstacles which make him more self-confident. He has less sensory issues than what he had earlier. Sumanta also offered invaluable feedback and advice to us whenever we are unsure of other therapy related issues and if we needed any additional help. We find Sumanta to be a very approachable and likeable person whom we can trust and can recommend with confidence to parents who want to see their kids improve. Thanks Sumanta!”

-Mr JY, father of 7 years old son with Autism

“Because both of my children required OT services, I have worked with quite a few Occupational Therapists through various agencies. Shalini’s professionalism, experience and depth of knowledge immediately set her apart and make her stand out. From our first meeting, her passion and love for helping kids and their families were obvious.”

-Ms KL, mother of M, 4 years old and T, 6 years old diagnosed with DCD

“Thanks to the OTs at Symbiosis we saw a great improvement in our child\’s progress. His aggressive behaviour decreased and his attention span increased because he was learning how to regulate himself and manage the surrounding stimulation. The OTs devised an individualised Sensory Diet for him and we could let the teachers at his school know what he needed to help him focus.”

-Mother of a 8 years old child with ADHD

“I worked with Sumanta in our school setting and found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. He gave us lot of practical suggestions which can be easily implemented in a classroom setting while involving other children. He was easy to speak to and would gladly offer advice whenever I needed it.”

-School teacher in Abbotsford School district

“When we first started our therapy at Symbiosis, G had a lot of sensory difficulties in addition to gross motor and fine motor difficulties. Shu-Hyun helped him overcome his challenges in all of these areas. From a child that would not even try to climb a slide to a child who now zooms on a zip line, climbs and leaps off of big slide in the clinic, does rock climbing, rides a scooter …an amazing journey. The therapist not only helped G, but also helped us in understanding what his needs were and how we, as a family can help him.”

-Mrs C, mother of a 9 years old son diagnosed with ASD and DCD