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It’s such a beautiful and caring word.

Parents are essential in our life. The most important and solid pillar of our life. Parents always know that their children better than anyone else.

We believe that parenting a child with some “extra” needs is a challenge for obvious reasons. But it’s a blessing too.

You cannot imagine the depths of victory and joy parents’ face when they see their child’s reaction to overcoming the challenges. It’s the simplest things like seeing their child’s eyes light up waiting for them to acknowledge their accomplishments of everyday life. It may be the smile on his face while swinging on the playground without any help, or even clapping of hands and signing to say “thank you.”

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy took shape by two parents, Shalini Das and Sumanta Das, two Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Occupational Therapists in 2008 to fulfill and witness all these small and big victories with our families.

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy specializes in providing Multi-Disciplinary Therapy services as well as Early Intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disorders. We use a comprehensive approach rooted in Behavioral and other developmental techniques that incorporate real-world experiences to prepare the children to live their lives with their fullest potential in the Society.

Since 2008, Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy has been offering a multi-disciplinary approach (Clinic- based as well as Home-based) to children and their families utilizing specialized services which include:

  • Behavior Analysis and Consultation
  • Speech-Language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Behavior Intervention

As Symbiosis Team, we bring together professionals from a variety of disciplines (Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Consultants, Pediatric Occupational therapists and Speech-Language Pathologists) to fulfill all of your child and family’s therapy and intervention needs. Our Team values the fundamental role of family in their child’s development and we are dedicated to providing each family with individualized support and training.

As a family-focused center, we believe in providing you the services you need, all under one roof.

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Surrey Business Excellence Awards from the Surrey Board of Trade acknowledge various business excellence models during the event. featuring – the nominees and finalists who have reached a special point of their business success.

Due to her strong leadership quality, Shalini, one of the co-founders and Director at Symbiosis, received the 9th Annual Surrey Women in Business Awards in the professional category which recognizes the hard work of Surrey’s businesswomen and their contributions to Surrey.

Shalini was also one of the top 75 finalists for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, an incredible milestone celebrating the contributions of immigrants to this country.