About Us

Our Story


It’s such a beautiful and caring word. Parents are essential in our life. The most important and solid pillar of our life. Parents always know that their children better than anyone else.

We believe that parenting a child with some “extra” needs is a challenge for obvious reasons. But it’s a blessing too.

You cannot imagine the depths of victory and joy they experience to see their child’s reaction to overcoming his challenges. It’s the simplest things like seeing his eyes light up waiting for you to acknowledge what he did when he puts his cup down softly instead of throwing it. It may be the smile on his face when he swings on the playground without any help, or even clapping of hands after he uses sign language to say “thank you.” That is how Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy took shape by two parents, Shalini Das and Sumanta Das, two pediatric Occupational Therapists in 2008.

Our Committment to all the families

As a family-centered organization, Symbiosis is committed to service quality through professionalism, partnership, compassion, and respect. The team at Symbiosis strongly believes that the family needs should be at the center of any treatment plan.

Symbiosis aims to establish a more significant connection with the community and to advance the company’s vision of building an inclusive community where every child with special needs is a part, not apart.

Awards and Recognitions

Surrey Business Excellence Awards from the Surrey Board of Trade acknowledge various business excellence models during the event. featuring – the nominees and finalists who have reached a special point of their business success.

Due to her strong leadership quality, Shalini, one of the co-founders and Director at Symbiosis, received the 9th Annual Surrey Women in Business Awards in the professional category which recognizes the hard work of Surrey’s businesswomen and their contributions to Surrey.

Shalini was also one of the top 75 finalists for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, an incredible milestone celebrating the contributions of immigrants to this country.