About Us

About Us


It’s such a beautiful and caring word.

Parents are the most important and solid pillars of our life. Parents always know that their children more than anyone else.

We believe that parenting a child with some “extra” needs is a challenge and a blessing too.

You cannot imagine the depths of victory and joy parents face when they see their child’s reaction to overcoming challenges. It’s the simplest things like seeing their child’s eyes light up, waiting for them to acknowledge their accomplishments of everyday life. It may be the smile on his face while swinging on the playground without any help or even clapping hands and signing to say “thank you.”


“Everything begins with a thought, and thoughts are turned into plans, and plans into reality”

What if

The child’s experience can be enhanced with child-friendly surroundings (and a Sensory play area, too!), which will keep our kids occupied whenever necessary during their visit to our clinics?

Better yet,

What if

  • Parents could find all the therapy professionals (BC,OT, and SLP) under one roof, and they collaborate?
  • Parents can’t make it to the clinic on a weekday but need to be seen on a Saturday?
  • Parents can tap on the combined Team effort, which is always more beneficial than one therapy or intervention?
  • Parents have a choice of  Clinic-based and Home-based therapy sessions
  • Parents can find a Pediatric Therapy clinic in their  community rather than traveling across different cities for their child’s therapy?

So many little things, minor changes that make our Therapy clinics and Intervention model more available, accessible, and convenient for families - changes that just cannot be done by other therapy clinics managed by corporations or solo service providers.

Our Philosophy

Symbiosis is a therapist-owned clinic, who have spent more than 20 years providing therapy to children. We ensure that every child receives the highest quality of therapy services obtained from our  Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland clinics.  

Symbiosis’s philosophy in our practice is to ask, “Why not?” or “Why can’t we?”. Instead of limiting our services to a specific therapy profession, we would pursue excellence in care provided by our multi-disciplinary team. We are always ready to change and make continuous improvements to meet our families’ highest expectations for the care of their children.

As a family-centered practice, we have always realized that our staff is vital part to our identity. Essentially, they are “Us”. We have worked very hard to find and keep an excellent team to provide the best Pediatric Therapy services. As a result, we have been fortunate that many of our staff have chosen to stay with us for an extended time; many have made a significant career decision to work with us. The continuity and commitment level has occurred because of our multidisciplinary team which is truly loved by so many families and children since our inception in 2008.

One of the things we hear most often from families coming to our clinics is ``We have been to so many Service providers, and none of them have been able to figure out “HOW CAN I HELP MY CHILD AFTER THE DIAGNOSIS”

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve patiently given our ears to all our parents telling us (during our Initial Consultation) regarding their journey of getting the diagnosis of Autism. The frustration, pain, and disappointment in their voice at that moment are always so heart-breaking.

We have heard many stories of our parents going from one service provider to another, trying to find some solution, and always coming out with one of the following (less than desirable) scenarios

– they’re told that their family must “navigate the therapy process on their own”

–  they’re told: ONLY Behavior Therapy and Interventionis the best option for them

– they’re told: Build your own home therapy team and hire your therapists, which eventually saves a lot of money

When the families find themselves at our Clinics, their first consultation is with our Multi-Disciplinary Team consisting of a Behavior Consultant, an Occupational Therapist, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. It is so encouraging for them to know that:

– all our professionals work “together” for their children. 

– they have the option of clinic-based, home-based and even in any preschool, daycare, and child care facility

– they are always part of  the therapy team

Why Symbiosis?

Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy has the resources and the staff to be

  • able to provide support to many families in different cities
  • able to provide multi-disciplinary therapy services catering exclusively to children
  • able to provide them with a straight to the point, reasonable Plan of Intervention that outlines exactly what we’re going to do to support them, how long it should take, and what their financial investment is going to be.

These are all the things that families should ask from the Service Providers.

If you are looking for answers, and some solution for your child’s challenges and how we can help them as part of your Team, please fill out the form and our Clinic Coordinator will reach out to you soon.

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Our Achievements

Surrey Business Excellence Awards from the Surrey Board of Trade acknowledge various business excellence models during the event. featuring – the nominees and finalists who have reached a special point of their business success.

Due to her strong leadership quality, Shalini, one of the co-founders and Director at Symbiosis, received the 9th Annual Surrey Women in Business Awards in the professional category which recognizes the hard work of Surrey’s businesswomen and their contributions to Surrey.

Shalini was also one of the top 75 finalists for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, an incredible milestone celebrating the contributions of immigrants to this country.

Shalini was also one of the top 75 finalists for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards, an incredible milestone celebrating the contributions of immigrants to this country.