Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy Clinics are proud of it’s state of the art Sensory Gyms and treatment rooms(Fine motor room, Speech Therapy rooms, Art-Craft rooms etc.). We have sought to create a fun and interactive learning environment for all the children visiting our facilities.
The spaces are designed specifically keeping children in mind creates a great fun environment for the children along with welcoming place for therapists to work. The environment aims to facilitate the learning and engagement on a new level. Our focus has always been to create a setting where kids look forward to sessions and are therefore more likely to explore new ideas, concepts, and strategies to address their Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavior Intervention goals and, other daily living skills.


How did we design our Sensory gym and Therapy rooms?

Most of the sensory equipment in our sensory rooms at Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy is provided by specialty suppliers like Southpaw Enterprises. The overall concept and eventual design has been developed and built by the team of Occupational Therapists. The combined and practical experience of the team working specifically with children have resulted in Sensory Gyms built for real users, our children. Years of experience and knowledge have gone in to making these facilities, one of our proud achievements at Symbiosis Clinics.