The Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy Clinic introduces children to a whole new world of interaction, stimulation and excitement. The clinic is a 2000 square foot state-of-the-art facility and has one of its kind SENSORY GYM in the Lower Mainland. Smaller rooms are also available for children who need quieter spaces to work, especially during their fine motor skills intervention session.

Two fully equiped and child-friendly Gyms

Our unique programs gives the parents an opportunity to meet other parents who are dealing with similar issues, build a support group and create lasting friendships. At Symbiosis, all competition and judgment is left outside our doors, so that each child can shine depending on their unique abilities.

To maximize the learning process, parental involvement is a core component in the therapy sessions. By participating in the sessions, parents learn first-hand how to incorporate the therapeutic techniques used during therapy time on a day-to-day basis while bonding with their children in a positive and enriching environment.


Small rooms for fine motor activities