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Hello everyone. At Symbiosis, we’ve always strived to empower parents and families with the knowledge to help their child at home, be it through regular discussions or formal workshops. As we approach our fourth anniversary, we wished for a more interactive platform – a medium where our experienced Occupational Therapists could provide the community with simple tips and tools to handle sensory and motor challenges. So here we go – our first step in the journey of the world of a blog. Please let us know if you would like us to touch a specific topic. Happy reading.

Integrated Listening System at Symbiosis
We use Integrated Listening Systems (iLS) Therapy to improve children’s sensory processing, motor skills development, auditory processing, attention and regulation. We have found that iLS and Occupational Therapy together make a good pair and help children progress faster. It is also effective as part of a home program for many children.


iLS is built upon the techniques and theories developed by Alfred Tomatis, M.D., and has been refined by Dr. Ron Minson over many years. It is based upon the theory of neuroplasticity, strengthening and creating neuronal maps that support sensory processing, movement, attention and learning. iLS is a sound-based multi-sensory program that combines movement, visual and auditory input.


Classical music has been digitally manipulated to specific frequencies and vibrations that stimulate various parts of the brain to improve the neurological foundation for sensory integration. Music is delivered via a portable iPod through specially designed headphones with bone conduction (a small transducer). The bone conduction unit is inside the top of the headphones and provides specific vestibular and auditory stimulation.

At Symbiosis, after we assess a child, we determine whether iLS will benefit their program. We then create an individualized listening program along with sensory, movement, visual and auditory exercises based on the child’s goals. Generally, the program is administered approximately 3-5 times a week for 30-60 minutes. We either use iLS during the child’s treatment sessions or offer units for rental for intensive home programs. Parents also have the option of purchasing a unit for their home use.


  • Auditory Processing, sound sensitivity
  • Attention and following directions
  • Sensory regulation, calming, sleep
  • Sensory processing, body and spatial awareness, motor skills coordination
  • Motor Planning, sequencing
  • Visual Motor Skills
  • Self-esteem

iLS can be used for children who have various diagnoses including but not limited to Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, Dyspraxia, Learning difficulties, ADD / ADHD, and Neurodevelopmental delays.
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