Nicole Gioia


Nicole is working as a Behavior Interventionist at our Symbiosis-Abbotsford Clinic.

Nicole has experience as a Community Inclusion Worker, Residential Support Worker, and Behavior Interventionist in various Family Service centers. She participated in an open learning democratic community by modeling core values and having a dedicated attitude towards related principles, practices, and structures. She supported and empowered children and students to discover and utilize their self-directed learning passions and pursue their personal strengths, interests, hobbies, talents, and natural temperaments for optimal learning opportunities.

Nicole is able to follow guidelines of intervention care plans with prompting/gestural hierarchy, PEC/visual schedules, consequence strategies, reward/praise judgment, and programs to target behaviors in children. She also has some training in Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Management of maladaptive behaviors, and follow guidelines and Behavior Intervention plans and target skill programs.


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