How do I know my child needs Physiotherapy?

The following concerns often identify the need for Physiotherapy services:

  • Difficulty with Gross motor milestones (i.e. rolling, crawling, walking, running)
  • Difficulty with balance skills
  • Difficulty engaging in age appropriate sports
  • Avoidance of playground equipments
  • Difficulty with coordination of the body (i.e. skipping, catching)
  • Observed Clumsiness
  • Awkward running or jumping
  • Appears weak or tires easily

If you have said “yes” to at least one of the above items, your child would likely benefit from Physiotherapy services.

Our highly trained Physiotherapists focus on muscle tone, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, body awareness, playground skills, learning new motor tasks, ability to engage in sports and age appropriate achievement of motor milestones (i.e. rolling, crawling, walking, etc.). Challenges in any of these areas can impact a child’s self-esteem, peer relationships, cognitive development, social development and general ability to feel mastery over the environment.
Our Physiotherapists utilize their advanced training and expertise in neurology, neuroanatomy, motor learning, neuro-developmental and orthopedics to focus on the following areas:

  • Strengthening
  • Coordination
  • Balance Training
  • Gait Training
  • Motor Control / Motor Learning
  • Musculoskeletal functioning

Contact us for a FREE, no obligation discussion with our Physiotherapist to discuss your child’s challenges and to receive recommendation on Physiotherapy assessments and interventions at Symbiosis. We respect your privacy, all information shared will be kept confidential.