Speech and Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy focuses on the assessment and management of all aspects of communication including speech, written expression, reading, signs and gestures. Speech and language therapists also specialize in enabling individuals to swallow food and drink safely.

Speech and Language Therapy focuses on enabling children realize their maximum communicative abilities through individualised assessment and intervention programs. The whole process takes into account the child’s stage of development, communicative needs and innate desire to learn through play. Intervention targets are cleverly disguised through play activities that tap into the child’s motivations to strengthen his or her areas of difficulties.
Intervention gains typically include improvements in attention and ability to communicate with familiar people such as family members and school teachers, clearer speech as well as gains in language and literacy competencies especially for kindergarten and school-aged children.

Speech Disorders include the following:

  • Articulation disorders- difficulties producing sounds in syllables or saying words.
  • Fluency disorders- difficulties with stuttering, repetitions, or prolonged sounds and syllables.
  • Resonance or voice disorders- difficulties with pitch, volume, or quality of voice. These disorders may also cause discomfort for the child.
  • Language disorders can be either receptive or expressive
    • Receptive disorders refer to difficulties understanding or processing language.
    • Expressive disorders- difficulty putting words together, limited vocabulary, or inability to use language in a socially appropriate way.

Symbiosis offers a full range of Speech & Language Therapy services including:

  • Receptive language development
  • Expressive language development
  • Articulation therapy
  • Phonological disorders
  • Stuttering remediation
  • Oral motor therapy
  • Social-pragmatic language therapy
  • Voice Therapy

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