Board Certified Behavior Analysts/Behavior Consultants

Shalini Das
Shalini is one of the co-founders of Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy. Shalini currently oversees the clinical and administrative
Sumanta Das
Sumanta is one of the co-founders of Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy. He currently oversees the clinical
Rui Heng
Behavior Consultant
Rui has completed her MEd. in Early Childhood Special Education from George Mason University after completing her
Stephanie Sywak
Behaviour Consultant
Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University and is a Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst (BCaBA).
Chelsea McFadzen
Behavior Consultant
Chelsea completed her Masters' of Arts degree in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University. She is in the process of submitting her final
Sandra Mai Ho
Behavior Consultant
Mai has completed her Master of Professional Education – ABA from University of Western Ontario after completing her Bachelor of Science from University of British Columbia in 2010.
Michelle Wong
Behavior Consultant
Michelle has completed her Bachelor of Science Degree at UBC and is currently enrolled in her Masters
Sarah Rempel
Behavior Consultant
Sarah has over 10 years experience working directly with children and adolescent with behavioural and mental disabilities and their families